About Us

About Us

RAH!CFO is committed to helping businesses and non-profits grow.

Small businesses and non-profits need the expertise of an accounting department, just like their larger counterparts do, but they do not need their bookkeeper and Controller/CFO on a full time basis; and  probably can’t afford a full time accounting department. RAH!CFO was started in 2009 to bring the needed skills to smaller companies – affordably.

Founder Rich Hauser recognized that smaller companies typically have a financial team consisting of bookkeepers or family members who handle the day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping functions, but do not have very much financial expertise or training. The organization’s CPA might be involved only at tax filing time, and any information the tax accountant reports comes long after the year is over, which limits the usefulness of that information. Even if an accountant is involved throughout the year, the accounting and bookkeeping functions are typically uncoordinated and non-strategic at these organizations.

RAH!CFO changes this for smaller companies by providing the inner workings, structure and strategy of an accounting department that is just like those the Fortune 500 Companies rely upon for greater growth and success. We provide the same information their accounting departments provide to the executives, and we do it faster and more timely than the typical tax accountant. Most small and medium businesses cannot afford a large team, and they don’t really need that team full time. RAH!CFO meets the needs of smaller organizations, providing these services on an as-needed basis and at a fraction of the cost!

Our team works to provide accurate, timely information so that the business owner can operate profitably, grow strategically, and focus their energy and attention on the things that they love to do. We also help your – CPA do his/her job more efficiently, providing even greater benefits to your company or organization. We are skilled at taking financial data from accounting systems, turning it into easily understood information and better insights about your business and creating action plans to help propel growth. We deliver a real difference and quality of service that you can count on!

RAH!CFO is a boutique firm that develops a personal connection with each client. We care about your business and want to help you succeed by helping you to become more financially fit. We help you see your business more clearly. We know that the bank account balance for your business is not a good indicator of how you are doing as a business. We go beyond what even the best bookkeeper can do, and we understand how to help your business become financially strong. When you talk with us, you can feel the value of what we bring to your organization.

We understand how valuable your time is. As a business owner, you have many other priorities to worry about. We can help free your time so that you can enjoy doing what you love as a business owner. Contact us today and we can help assess your needs and get you financially fit!

Call us at (973) 287-6094 to have a conversation.



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