Case Studies

Case Studies

Have Cash Flow Issues?

A PR agency came to RAH!CFO, telling us they were having problems with their cash flow. When reviewing their Balance Sheet, we noticed they had over 20% of their annual sales in open receivables from their customers!

The team here at RAH!CFO was able to help improve our clients cash position by changing their billing practices and contacting the key customers who were responsible for more than 60% of the open balance. Now, receivables are paid within 45 days and we are working on improving their debt management in an effort to further improve their bottom line.

Are you collecting all your receivables in 45 days or less from when you completed the work?

Cash flow issues vary, to get a detailed analysis contact RAH!CFO.

Trust Your Employees?

A CPA firm contacted RAH!CFO and informed them they had a customer who‘s employee had been stealing from the company. To ensure that this could never happen again, RAH!CFO implemented new procedures and a system of internal controls to help protect the company’s assets. In doing so, RAH!CFO has become the outsourced accounting department for this client.

Do you have a system of controls in place to ensure this doesn’t happen? If not, contact us today and let us help!

Is Your Reporting Accurate?

An extermination company had such inaccurate reporting they had a hard time understanding if they were making money.

Sometimes records are poorly maintained and expenses aren’t recorded correctly. While this is self-explanatory, the team here at RAH!CFO will review your historical records and ensure that all information is correct.

Do you know if your reporting is accurate? Let us help find and fix the errors. Contact us to find out more.

Missed Payments?

What would happen if you miss the deposit deadlines for your tax payments or 401k plan contributions?

We had a client who did not remit payments on time for their 401k plan. To remedy the situation, penalties and lost earnings had to be accounted for.

RAH!CFO accounted for all the issues and was able to enter controls that automated deposits through the payroll company which relieved unnecessary stress.

Do you have full peace of mind at night when it comes to your financials? Let RAH!CFO help you get there.

Overwhelmed by Debt?

Is your company swimming in debt? Are you overpaying with high credit card interests when the prime rate is under 5%? These are often areas where companies mismanage their liability, and can bankrupt your company if not handled properly!

Here at RAH!CFO, we can provide a solution to debt management. The solution is placing cost controls, fighting for lower rates, managing your cash carefully and to place emphasis on the most profitable part of your business segment. We can design and implement plans that are uniquely designed to work for your company.

Let us show you how.

Do You Have KPI's?

Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs as they are commonly referred, are the vitals of your business that you need to understand. KPIs are often known as a “dashboard” because of the various controls and dials that you would normally see on a car dashboard. The speedometer – how fast are we moving? The oil gauge – do I need to add oil? Gas gauge – is my tank full or do I need to get gas?

Here are some KPI’s that RAH!CFO uses for our clients:

  • Daily cash position
  • Days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Customer receivables
  • Rolling quarterly sales
  • Sales orders booked not yet billed (Backlog)

At RAH!CFO, these KPIs are not al-a-carte menu items. We carefully develop each item to ensure that it meets the needs of our clients. In the initial phases of working with RAH!CFO, we will start on the ground floor of your company’s financials making sure that we clean up your accounting records and identify the KPIs that will help you sleep through the night.

Up late wondering if your business is profitable? Grab hold of your financials, and understand your business performance at a glance. Contact RAH!CFO.

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