HR/Admin Support

HR/Admin Support

When it comes to your business, the human resources (HR) and administrative support are the internal gears that help the entire organization work. Your employees are your most valuable asset, and making sure that you have the right benefits and procedures in place can help you retain the best employees!

We understand how to work the internal gears to make the organization work. RAH!CFO can provide these services:

  • Implementing and administering 401k plans
  • Selection of appropriate benefit plans (health, FSA, dental, life, etc.)
  • Setting appropriate pay for employees
  • Monitoring claims for unemployment, reviewing claims as presented to the company and submitting the required documentation
  • Conducting screening for potential job candidates, terminations, changes in job classifications
  • Tracking vacation time, sick days and the use of personal time

The staff at RAH!CFO is here to assist you with any human resources tasks that may be needed for your company. To find out more about the services we offer, contact us at (973) 287-6094, Rich at


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